Tea Tree Oils and Dreads Here’s What You Need To Know

Tea tree oil provides many benefits for both your skin, hair, and soothes itchy dry scalp. Made from the Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia, it was first used as a medication for skin infections, acne and inflammatory ailments.

It is an essential oil with a unique odour and is used as an antiseptic since it is great at fighting bacteria and fungi.

While oils like coconut or olive moisturize your dreadlocks, tea tree oil attack the underlying causes of dry scalp and dandruff, eliminating it.

This essential oil relieves dry scalp and promotes hair loss which is a common problem that affects people with dreadlocks, that’s why popular dread shampoo like Dr Bronner has infused tea tree oils into their products.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oils

  • Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your favourite hot oil and dreads treatment is an excellent way to maintain healthy locs.
  • Also, adding tea tree to your jojoba oil daily moisturize treatment unclog hair follicles and strengthen dreads roots: To use massage the mixture into your roots
  • Tea tree oil reduces the flakes and fights fungus dandruff causes. Because of this essential oil antibacterial and antifungal properties, it kills the fungus without drying out your scalp. According to Hairfinity by adding ten drops to every ounce of shampoo will naturally condition the hair as well as destroy any agent associated with dandruff.
  • Mixed with a carrier oil and peppermint oil, it eliminates itchiness.

Dreads Shampoos That Have Tea Tree Oil

Here’s a list of excellent dreadlocks friendly shampoos for those who are looking for shampoos that have tea tree oils in them.

Trade’s Joe– Trade’s Joe tea tree and peppermint oil shampoo clarifies and leave behind no residue. It comprises all organic materials and will leave your dreads feeling clean and tingly.

Giovanni Invigorating Tea Tree Shampoo– This shampoo has all organic ingredients- it removes buildup, eases dry scalp and dandruff. This is an excellent alternative from the medicated dandruff shampoo because it doesn’t leave your dreads dry and lifeless.

Herbal Essences– Herbal Essence is a clarifying shampoo that adds shine, lather up nicely and replenishes damaged hair.

Botanic Hearth– Botanic health nourishes and cleans your dreads, it contains tee tree oil, peppermint, lavender and rosemary for further nutrients.

Favorite Brands of Tea Tree Oil:

Great For Hot Oil Treatment For Your Dreadlocks

tea tree oil for dreadlocks

Hot oil treatments add extra shine and repair damage to brittle dreads, whether it is done at home or a salon adding tea tree oil to the mixture provides that medicated element to your treatment.

A simple tea tree hot oil mixture includes olive oil, tea tree and jojoba oil. But before you can apply this to your dreads warm up the mixture into a heat-friendly bottle. In a bowl of hot water, place the bottled mixture for two minutes. Test the mixture to ensure it is warm enough to massage into your hair and scalp.

Tea tree oil is an amazing oil to cleanse the scalp, eliminate dry scalp and dandruff, so make sure you are using this essential oil in your hair.

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