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The Best Hats For Dreadlock-Tam, Knitted Dreads hat

Dreadlocks hat is an excellent way to protect your hair from the elements, dust, people from touching your dreads and cover up any loose hair. Hats like Tam may give some people trouble when placing your dread inside, especially when you have super long dreadlocks. The process includes scooping and stuffing your dreads into your Tam or knitted hat will give you extra protection.

While buying hats comes easy to non-dreaded hair, it is a bit challenging for people with dreadlocks. In this post, I’ll help you find the best dreadlocks hat for the Winter hats, Tams, Summer hats, and Rasta theme hats, so you can have an idea of what to look for when choosing dreads hat.

Dreadlocks Tam Hats

I love Tam hat it’s big and was design especially for dreadlocks you can find them in a variety of colors combination and material.

With Tams, there is the possibility of transferring lint to your dreads to combat this I found a useful hack, by place your silk cap before wearing your tam you can decrease the chances of lint buildup.

The Best Tam Hats for dreadlocks.

Basketball And Baseball Hat

Since basketball and baseball hats don’t have enough space for your dreads, you must make some adjustments to the hats. This is an excellent DIY project for anyone who wants to wear these hats with their dreadlocks.

Items Needed

  • Scissors.
  • Hat.


  • Lay the hat on a table.
  • Follow the circles around the hat, you can draw a line to connect it for a guide.
  • Within the bounds of the circle, you just highlight, depending on the thickness of your dreads, pinch the cap and cut.
  • Use this as a guide and cut a circle.
  • Sew a flap on top of the freshly cut lines to prevent any thread from getting into your dreadlocks.

The best basketball or baseball hats to adjust for dreadlocks:

Summer Hat For Dreadlocks

In the summer the best hats for dreadlocks is knitted beanie or tams.

The best dreadlocks hats are one that can stretch to fit your hair. While you can wear smaller hats with starter locs you’ll need to adjust caps or buy a bigger beanie or tams hat.

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