The Evolution Of Quavo Dreads- Here’s The Tea

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Quavo is best known as a member of the trio Migos and has been growing his dreads for several years. If you look at videos before fame, back in 2010 his dreads have matured already and has grown to his shoulders.

He regularly maintains his dreads, and it looks like his dreads count is more than a hundred. So, if you are aspiring to have Quavos style dreads; start by having smaller sections in your hair.

Between 2012-2013, not much has changed with Quavo dreads besides the length, and until 2013 he wore a lot of ponytails.

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2014 Quavo hair grew past his Shoulder

Quavo dreads have grown past his shoulder in 2014, and I’ve noticed he paid special attention to the four locs in front of his head. Again, like many rappers with dreads, styles their dreadlocks in braids and in 2015 I see Quavo hair braided back in cornrows.

He pulls his hairline back every time he has cornrows, and you can see this in his “Bad and Boujee” music video. He also faded the sides of his hair as a result, he cut two or more locs off to achieve this look. Besides this, his dreads has maintained shoulder length, this can only mean he is cutting his dreads; because dreads grow faster than non-dreaded hair

Looking through his videos and pictures, I kept waiting to see his dreads growth spurt and for it to surpass his shoulder but no luck.

What I Have Learn From Quavos Dreadlocks

After, spending hours looking through countless picture and videos and taking-in Quavo dreads, I’ve concluded that his dreads are healthy, and he regularly trims his hair. Because having dreads for as long as his, your dreads will be very long.

His dreads are not freeform so he re-twist and styles his hair often. He could have started with the coil method. Also, his dreads is fairly easy to have, but like Quavo maintaining his dreads is costly.

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