2 Chainz Dreads Review- What’s happening to His Dreads

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2 Chainz is a successful American rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. We know him for his legendary bleach dreads and regularly trims his dreadlocks. Recently, he shared his trimmed locs on Instagram with the caption “Second cut of the year” to show fans his dread care routine. Because dreadlocks are always growing, we trim our dreads to maintain a comfortable length and for overall grooming.

2 Chainz dreadlocks are regularly maintained. He interlocks his dreads and has dyed it on many occasions to a golden colour. Also, he styles his hair in dreads cornrows and braids often, these styles will eventually lead to receding hairlines and thinning of the dread.

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2 Chainz has eased up on the Styling and has taken the freeform path.

If you scrolled through his Instagram feed, you’ll notice his dreads are no longer dyed and has kept its natural dark color. His dreads looks pretty good and I’m happy to see that he’s taken the freeform road similar to what Wayne has done over the years.

He slowed down on the excessive braiding and has left his new growth to dread naturally. His dreads consists of congos and may have started with the two-strand method. 2 Chainz has been growing his dreads for several years and has a full head of mature dreads.

I Hope 2 Chainz dreads would not look like Lil Wayne dreads

Since 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne have been growing their dreads for twenty-plus years, I hope his dreads wouldn’t look like Wayne dreads- they both bleached their hair and have excessively styled their hair in the past.

Plus, as you can see from his social media posts, he constantly wore hats. Makes me wonder what he is hiding under those hats? Hopefully, it’s healthy freeform dreads.

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