Thin Vs Thick Dreadlocks Which Is The Best?

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There is no one fit at all with dreadlocks, even if you have planned out your style it does not always look the way you wanted. However, you have a choice of whether to have thin or thick locs.

With maintained dreadlocks, your decision is made before installing your locs. Your loctician will ask you questions or show you pictures of different size locs. But, with freeform dreadlocks, there is no defining your dreadlock as your hair will take shape on its own unless you regularly separate them. This is the best practice as it prevents your dreadlocks from matting together.

I love micro locs but because by nature my natural hair is very thin; I settled with thicker dreads. They both have their pros and cons, and it’s best to do your research before installing your starter locs.

The Pros and Cons Of Thin Dreadlock

Thin Dreadlocks

The pros of thin dreadlocks

  • Thin dreadlocks are easier to marry to make your dreads look thicker.
  • Can adapt to any styles because they are closer to lose hair.
  • Easy to bleach or colour because the chemicals will penetrate faster in thinner hair.
  • They dry faster than thicker dreadlocks.
  • Thin starter locs get thicker when matured.
  • They can cover your scalp better.

The cons of thin dreadlocks

  • Thin dreadlocks are very fragile and can easily snap off. You will also notice they thin out faster at the roots.
  • Retwisting can take a long time with thin dreadlocks.
  • Hairpins or accessories can damage your dreads easily.
  • They can cost more money, especially if you are paying someone to retwist over 100 locs.

The Pros And Cons Of Thick Dreadlocks

Thicker dreadlocks

The pros of having thick dreadlocks

  • Thick dreadlock doesn’t damage easily.
  • They don’t take a long time to retwist.
  • Thick locs covers and bald spots in the middle of your head.
  • Thicker dreadlocks are stronger and durable compared to thin locs.

The cons of having thick dreadlocks

  • Styles are limited with thicker locs.
  • Thicker locs can be heavy and may put pressure on your scalp.
  • They take a longer time to dry.
  • Thick dreadlocks take longer to bleach or dye.

Choosing between thick or thin locs can be a difficult task. However, the decision depends solely on you and which is best for your hair. Furthermore, if you suffer from thinning of the hair, check out the pros and cons of thick dreadlocks.

Also, if you style your dreadlock often or suffer from tender scalp, a thinner locs is the perfect choice for you.

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