Will Straight Hair Dread Naturally?Answered

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If you don’t comb/brush your hair, it will dread naturally no matter the hair type. However, people with courser hair will lock faster than straighter hair with a bit of patience, you can lock your hair naturally.

Having natural/free-form dreads mean you must do little to no manipulation these include no re-twisting, combing/brushing, no gels or wax. Yet, you still have to moisturize with natural oils, rose water and wash regularly. Natural dreads require that you wash your hair every 1-2 weeks because dirty hair doesn’t lock as fast as it suppose too.

To answer the question above, yes straight hair will dread naturally only if you don’t comb/brush, use any conditioners and little manipulation as you can pull apart your dreads if it is locking into one big bulk.

Taking care of your Straight dreads Before Locking

free form dreads

I love free form dreadlocks, every natural locs look different, and It really adds character. With that said, I am here to give you some tips to help the locking process along.


My first tip is adding salt water once or twice at the beginning of your journey this dries, your hair making them knot better. However, don’t spray directly on your scalp just along the length of your hair. Also, apply the mixture 6-7 hours before washing your hair and moisturize as soon as your hair is dry. To replenish the moisture back into your scalp and starter locs.


One of the most important tip I can give you is patience. The locking process takes a long time. Depending on your hair type, your hair may take a shorter or longer time to mature. For instance, people with coarse hair can take at least eight months to lock, while people with straight hair may take 14 months.

A Good Residue-Free Shampoo For Natural Straight Dreads

A Good Residue -Free Shampoo

Washing your hair with a reliable residue-free shampoo prevents build-up. Products like Dollylocks is a trusted brand that provides one of the best shampoos for washing starter/mature locs. They offer fresh scents and all-natural, paraben-free soap design for dreadlocks in mind.


The secret behind every healthy locs is rose water, it has many benefits, and it’s one of the easiest product to mix with natural oils. Create your rose water at home or buy it online, one of my favourites is Heritage Store Rose Petals it is paraben and cruel free.

Yes, straight hair will dread naturally if you don’t comb and let it be but, this doesn’t mean to say No, to dreadlocks maintenance always wash and moisturize your hair for healthy free form dreadlocks.

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