How To Get Justin Bieber Dreads? Tips

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Justin has debuted his new dreads on Instagram for the world to see, and many people are criticizing his hair.

If you inspect his dreadlocks, he used the rip and twist method. Many people consider white people who wore dreads as cultural appropriation and celebrities are scrutinized the most.

His dreads look beautiful with his sense of style and a bit different from 2016. When the singer first appeared with dreads, his methods were back-combed.

It’s a time-consuming process that allows you to tease your dreads and create knots. At first glance, they appear fizzy, but after proper care and time, your hair will mature.

Justin Bieber Dreadlocks Of 2021

I first consider Justin’s hair free-form because there are no sections in his hair and his roots have not been touched or twisted.

However, looking at his timeline and Free-form takes months to take shape, there is no way he started free-form.

Moreover, if you want a similar style of dreadlocks like Justin, then you’ll need to try the rip and twist method. The good news is if your hair is short like the singer, then your dreads will take a mere few hours to create.

There are also many benefits to this choice of method, as it allows you to control the size and quality of your future dreads.

You’ll need to separate your hair into the desired sections and pull them in the opposite direction. For more information on the twist and rip method, check out one of my posts on the subject.

Taking Care Of The Rip and Pull Method

With starter locs, you’ll need to take good care of them. This means washing them at least once a week with residue-free shampoo. One of my favorites is the Dollylocks natural shampoo, which is soft on your hair.

You should wrap your hair at night with a silk scarf to prevent lint buildup and add natural oils to your scalp to keep it hydrated.

To sum, Justin Bieber’s dreadlocks look great with his sense of style. I would not refer to his dreadlocks as free-form because he uses the rip and twist method.

Therefore, if you want to have dreads similar to the singer’s hair: leave the roots untouched and rip and twist the ends.


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