How To Start Micro Locs? Tips And Tricks

Micro-Locs are a great way to start your natural hair journey and are low maintenance, versatile and inexpensive. In this blog post, you’ll learn what micro-locs are, how they’re made, and get tips on how to care for them. While I may not have micro locs, I have done some extensive research on the topic and I have helped a few friends install theirs.

There are a few ways to install your starter locs, the two-strand twist, braids, and coils. Depending on your hair type each has their pros and cons. Employing 2-strand twists to start your micro-locs journey is quite popular. People opt for the 2 strand twist because it’s beginner’s friendly and requires less patience.

Braids for starter locs are another option to consider. They take a little longer than a two-strand braid, but it’s worth it. Braiding with natural hair requires patience, time investment, and consistency. These factors make it one of the best choices for transitioning from braids to micro-locs.

Lastly, coils are uncommon to start micro locs and are generally used for thicker dreadlocks.

How Much Do Micro Locs Cost?

Micro-locs are locking twists or braids. They can be priced starting at $650-$800.

How long does it take to do micro locs?

Micro-locs can take anywhere from 6 to 20 hours to install. It’s a long process, so don’t forget to bring some snacks and some movies to watch. As I mentioned earlier, you can start your micro-locs with braids or a two-strand twist. Similarly, if you do it at home, you can spread the installation out in days.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Micro Locs

  • It is cheaper than Sisterlocks.
  • You can start it at home.
  • Easy to combine for larger dreadlocks.

Disadvantages Of Micro locs

  • Takes a very long time to install and retighten.
  • Unprofessional can create holes.
  • No, define grid pattern.

Can Micro Locs Be Undone?

Yes, like many other dreadlocks micro locs can be undone but it is a tedious task. Therefore, it is best to undo it before six months. To start, sock your locs for 10-20 mins in warm water to help loosen any build-up or dirt. Apply conditioner to each loc and comb out each loc with a fine teeth comb from bottom to top.

How long does it take micro locs to lock?

Micro locs take the same amount of time to lock as dreadlocks and it depends on your hair type. For example, people with straighter hair take longer to lock. There are five stages of dreadlocks – beginner, bud, teen, mature and rooted, the locking time can last from 18-24 months.

Starter Phase – In this phase, your hair will look freshly laid out and can last 3-6 months.

Budding Phase – Here you will notice a lot of new growth and swelling along the length of your starter locs. There will also be small knots that look like buds. Your locs will thicken here, and it will be difficult for you to see the starter patterns. At this stage, retightening is necessary to maintain the grid of your micro-locs.

Teen stage – Some people refer to this stage as the “ugly stage”, but this is where you’ll notice that your two-strand twist looks like dreads. There is also some major shrinkage and your locs double in size.

Mature stage- After about 1-2 years, your hair will have reached the mature stage. At this stage, they can no longer unravel and is the stage you have been waiting for since your first starter locs.

Rooted Locs– Your Micro-Locs are here to stay and you will experience a lot of hair growth.

Micro locs provide fullness versatility and are very similar to Sisterlocks except for the grid. They take a long time to install and re-tighten, but that’s because they are very small. Your micro locs are expected to lock between 18-20 months and can be undone with patience, a fine-tooth comb, and a bottle of conditioner.

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