White stuff in dreadlocks

What is the white stuff in my dreads? Fixed

There is a point in your dreadlocks journey when you will encounter white stuff in your locs. These white particles can be product buildup, dry scalp and dandruff or your hair bulb.

If you are putting unnatural products in your dreadlocks like thick grease and gel, then 2-3 sessions of ACV cleanse will get rid of the buildup.

However, if you don’t put these products in your hair and you are experiencing a build-up of white stuff in your dreadlocks.

Keep reading to find out what causes white specks in your locs and how to get rid of them.

Dry Scalp In Dreadlocks

Dry scalp causes itchy scalp, flaking and irritations, as these flakes end up in the length of your locs. Because you can’t comb out your hair and it is matted together to form dreads, you may end up with white flakes in your dreadlocks.

While getting rid of dry scalp is nearly impossible, at least for me I have found some effective, YouTube videos which help treat it. NaturalBeauty0214 uses all-natural ingredients to treat her husband’s dry scalp. With most of the products available in my kitchen, I was able to use them every time I wash my dreadlocks.

She uses apple cider vinegar, lemon, baking soda, sea salt with Shea Moisture shampoo and Black Vanilla conditioner. She does two washes with the household ingredients, shampoo and conditioned as well as re-twist her husband’s hair. To get the full method I have linked her YouTube channel so, go check that out.

If you are experiencing dandruff, you can check out my post on the topic. However, washing your hair regularly with dandruff shampoo and moisturizing it with Tea tree and peppermint oil will do the trick.

Your hair Bulb

According to WebMD, your hair bulb forms the base of your hair follicles. It is living cells that divide and grow to build the hair shaft. The hair bulb is not the roots, but it is the part of the hair strand closes to your roots.

As your hair shed, it doesn’t fall out onto the ground or your comb. Instead, it is trapped in your dreadlocks with the hair bulb still attached. Examine the white stuff in your dreadlocks and check to see if it is in fact, bulb shape and if so, keep reading I’ll give you some easy tricks to hide them.

If you try picking them out, this procedure is very time consuming, and you will not get all. Because every time your hair shed (it’s a natural process) sometimes the bulb will be intact. However, you can dye your dreadlocks to hide your hair bulb.

A deep cleanse will soften the hair with the bulb to fall out, after all, it is dead hair, and you wouldn’t have noticed it if you had loose hair.

To Conclude, having white stuff in your dreadlocks is terrifying but, if it’s your hair bulb? Then, dyeing, your hair may be the best option. Furthermore, If it is product built up, dry scalp or dandruff, an ACV rinse will help you get rid of it.

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