How To Bleach Dreads Tips And Tricks

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Applying chemicals to your dreadlocks is a risky process as this will lead to breakage, thinning and even destroy your locs. When you bleach your dreads, your intensions is to change the colour of your hair, and I recommend getting this done professionally. However, if you don’t have the money, and want to bleach your dreadlocks at home, here are some easy to follow tips and tricks.

Before adding bleach to your dreads, start with a patch test. A patch test helps you determine how your locs will react to the bleach. So, take the weakest loc and apply the bleach and observe what happens. If your hair breaks or fall of then bleaching is not the right choice for you.

Start from The Bottom and First

Because your scalp lets out heat the bleach will process faster than the ends of your hair as bleach becomes activated with heat. For your hair to maintain the same shade after bleaching, start 3/4 from the bottom of the locs.

Then, work your way up from the bottom so the ends will have time to absorb the bleach before the hair closer to your scalp.

If you Mess Up Give Your Hair A Break And Start Over

Sometimes the first time you bleach your hair, it may not come out the way you wanted. So, give your hair some time before trying again. Because you are already stripping your hair from its natural colour and nutrients, so adding more bleach will severely damage your dreadlocks.

Therefore, add back the nutrients and allow your dreads to absorb them before you try to fix the colour. Also, prior to bleaching or colouring your hair, make sure your dreadlocks are very healthy.

Prep Your Dreadlocks Before Bleaching

Always plan before bleaching your dreadlocks. This can be a week or the night before. Apply rosewater and natural oil mix to the roots of your hair and rinse it out before bleaching. An excellent bleaching product is the Clairol BW2 Powder Lightenerand a developer creme by Clairol. 

Here are some tips to help you when bleaching your dreadlocks as this process can damage your hair if done incorrectly. Before, prep your hair first, do a patch test and begin at the bottom then, work towards the top.

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