How To Sun Bleach Dreads? Tips And Tricks

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If you are looking for a natural way to bleach your dreads, then the sun is a cheaper alternative. It may not damage your hair as bleaching chemicals, or drastically alter your appearance in one session. However, it will lighten your dark or already bleach dreads giving them that natural sun-kissed appearance.

So how to sun bleach dreads? By applying some household products before you venture out into the sun like saltwater and lemon juice, you will notice a change in your hair colour. Plus, sun bleach looks better on dreads since your hair is already matted together you will not get a patchy bleached as unlocked hairstyles always change.

People with lighter dreads may notice the colour difference faster than someone with darker hair. Similarly, as your dreads grow, you’ll notice the ends are lighter than the roots because people with dreadlocks do not shed dead hair instead, it stays into the locs leaving your dreadlocks to grow longer. As a result, the already bleached hair remains at the ends, and the shedding process continues.

So, How To Sun Bleach Dreads?


Weather saltwater is good for your locs is debatable, but you should not try this method over two times because saltwater combined with the sun causes dry scalp. If you are prone to dry scalp, avoid this technique. To use: add 1 tsp to 8 oz of water into a spray bottle and add a generous amount to your hair, try not to spritz saltwater onto your scalp.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is quite beneficial to your dreads but, like all products, it has its pros and cons. It will strip your hair of its natural colour, giving it a lighter shade after interaction with the sun.

To use: in an applicator bottle add five tablespoons of coconut oil to one tbsp of fresh lemon juice. I always recommend that you apply salt or lemon juice near your next schedule washing. For example; if you wash your hair every Sunday, apply the mixture on Friday or Saturday.

The sun can bleach your dreads, but only in summer, and you don’t have to add any products to your hair. By adding salt and lemon, you can speed up the process. There are not many studies on this topic. However, it safe to say it will not change dark hair to blonde.

The sun bleaching of your dreads will happen gradually.

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