How To Get MBA Youngboy Dreadlocks?

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Besides his music, NBA Youngboy has beautiful healthy dreadlocks. He has released eight successful independent mixtapes and like many rappers, his clothing and hairstyles are always a hot topic. As a result, many young adults are looking for ways to achieve his dreadlocks. Luckily for you, this post will help you with just that.

How Do You Start Achieving MBA Youngboy Dreadlocks?

To have a similar style of dreadlocks, like MBA Youngboy, you’ll need to start the process with a hair sponge. You’ll notice he doesn’t have any defined sections, this means he started with semi-freeform locs but continues his dreads journey with free-form.

Freeform dreadlocks require little to no manipulation and allow your dread to lock on its own.

MBA Youngboy has 4c hair. Thus, he has a very tight curl pattern, which is perfect for dreadlocks. I notice his dreads fall towards his face. It looks like that’s the way his hair grows. However, if you want to mirror this style at night before you go to bed, path your hair the way you want it to fall then, sleep with a silk hair tie.

NBA has a taper fade so the back and the sides are trimmed. It is a common style that goes along with dreadlocks, especially if you don’t want too many locs on your head.

Keep It Simple

As I mentioned above, he has a very thick and healthy dreadlocks. Once you use a small number of products in your hair, your dread will strive. For freeform locs, moisturize with natural oils, and washing will keep your dreads free from build-up. Remember to use a residue-free shampoo like Neutrogena, which is gentle on your scalp and removes 90% of dirt and grime.

You can mix your growth oil or purchase them online. However, oils with Jamaican Black Castro oil does wonders for both your hair and scalp as it assists in hair growth. If you can’t tell by now, NBA Youngboy hair grows very fast. Therefore, his hair can reach his shoulder within two years or less.

Products Needed

Can I Get MBA Youngboy Dreadlocks With 3-4a Hair?

Dreadlocks come naturally; if you don’t brush or comb your hair. So yes, you can have a similar style to NBA once you use a hair sponge to define the sections and help with the locking process.

My Thoughts

NBA Youngboy has beautiful dreads, and I credit this to the sponge method and his curl pattern. His dreads are one of the easiest to copy as once your sides are faded and rub the hair sponge anti-clockwise 3-4 times a week or more (if you have a bigger curl pattern) you can have a similar result.

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