How To Get Partial Dreads? Tips And Tricks

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Partial dreads refers to situations where someone has dreads and unknotted hair at the same time. It’s an excellent alternative for people who are unsure if they want dreadlocks or not. Many combinations of partial dreads fit the description; these include dreads with bangs, dreads with a mohawk, or only the bottom hair is dreaded, etc.

Not everyone wants/ or can have a full head of dreads at the same time. Especially if dreads interfere with their work, school, or family, these people like the look of dreads, but, they can’t or don’t want their entire hair dreaded, so, meanwhile, they will have to settle for partial dreadlocks.

How To Start Partial Dreads?

Starting partial dreads is the same as regular dreadlocks. You can begin with neglecting parts of your hair and waiting for locs to form but, this isn’t the practical way to start partial dreads.

The best way to create partial dreads is via backcombing, twist and rip, coil, or the two-strand method. Additionally, partial dreads maintenance is a little different from a full head of dreads because there is an interaction with your natural hair. Sometimes your loose hair can knot with your dreaded hair- this can be a nuisance since you want to keep the both separate.

To resolve this problem, be diligent and separate your dreads as soon as possible before they connect. Also, keep your loose hair conditioned, comb, and brush regularly.

How To Wash Partial Dreadlocks?

How To Get Partial Dreads

When washing partially dreaded hair, you may experience some difficulties because there are two types of hair. The dreaded hair is to keep oil-free while the loose hair needs moisturizing with different products and conditioners.

The shampooing situation is quite simple because dreadlocks shampoos are compatible with your loose hair. Similarly, dreads shampoo must be residue-free and doesn’t contain ingredients that will soften the hair.

However, because dread shampoo doesn’t have ingredients to condition the hair, you would have to rely on products that soften your loose hair, such as leave-in conditioners.

Give Each Hair The Same Attention

Because some hair is dreaded, this doesn’t mean you have to neglect them. Your dreads still require maintenance and moisturizing. Spray your dreaded hair with natural products such as coconut oil and rose water. Wash your dreads at the same time you’ll do with your loose hair.

Try not to fill your hair with products because this can lead to buildup as well as dry your dreads thoroughly because they require a little more attention since they take longer to dry. Not everyone wants a full head of dreads that why they try the partial look first.

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