How To Get Zhavia Ward Dreadlocks?

Zhavia Ward is a famous singer and songwriter with some beautiful straight dreads. You may have seen her when she battled on the television show The Four: Battle for Stardom. Apart from that, she seems like a very down-to-earth person. Plus, there are not many white celebrities with dreadlocks, so her hair is very inspirational.

If you look at Zhavia’s dreadlocks, you can see some extensions added to her hair. Extensions aren’t a bad thing; because they can help your hair grow, and it assists with length. When looking for dreadlocks extensions ensure that it matches your hair type as it can look misplaced if they don’t.

The best way to install dreadlocks extensions is to crochet them to your hair. This method ensures a seamless connection to your natural hair and the extension. Zhavia dreadlocks look very well put together, and her bangs put her style of locs in the partially dreaded category, with her messy roots giving it a free-form appearance.

There Are Hardly Any Sections in Zhavia Ward Dreadlocks

If you want to clone her dreadlocks, I would start with sections. You can either install extensions or if your hair is long, backcomb and crochet the length of the locs. Her dreadlocks are very tight, so I’m sure she started with some upkeep. But after a while, she allows her roots to grow out and slide into the free-form style.

Her bangs look like hair that grew away from the dreadlocks which she intentionally left out. With straight dreadlocks, you can leave your baby hair out or even hair in between your dreadlocks. Further, her hair is bleached to a blonde color, which I love because it looks exceptional with her skin tone. She also enjoys having jewels in her dreadlocks that give it that added shine.

Her dreadlock is mature so, adding dreadlocks jewel will not damage her hair. However, if you have starter locs, wait until your hair is at least 12-18 months before adding them.

How To Find Dreadlocks Extensions For Your Hair?

There are hundreds of dreadlocks extensions available in the market. You can either choose from ready-made or pay for someone to make some for you. Therefore, when buying, ensure that the texture is like your hair. Are your dreadlocks extensions permanent?

This is the question you want to answer when considering human hair or synthetic. Human hair is very expensive and is an investment when installing permanent dreadlocks. They look and feel very natural, and your hair grows and locks without issues. While synthetic hair is good for a few months, you’ll have to remove them as it can weigh down your natural locs.

Again, the length of Zhavia Wand’s dreads is very long. Thus, you’ll want to consider the length and color if you are going for her look.

Zhavia Ward Hairstyles

Most of the time she wears her dreadlocks down but on occasions, she has buns or side parts.

I am living for this pink she has in her hair.

Did you notice the length of those bangs?

My Thoughts

Zhavia Wand has amazing dreadlocks, she keeps them simple and hardly retwists leaving her new growth out. She has bangs and blonde dreadlocks with some extensions.

Penny Thomas

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