How To Wash Starter Loc With Stocking Cap?

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The best thing you can do for your starter locs is to wash them with a residue-free shampoo as healthy dreadlocks require clean hair. When you don’t wash your hair, it will take a longer time to dry, or it may not grow at all.

The first week, after your starter locs is installed, wash your hair. If your scalp is not itchy or you didn’t use any products that may cause build-up you can wait two weeks but it is very important to have a clean scalp.

You can wash them over a stocking cap or without most people who started with the coil method may have to use this technique. Fear of unravelling is one reason people wash their starter locs under a cap. In this post, I’ll give you a few tips that will help you with the washing process of starter locs.

Tips For Washing Starter Loc With Stocking Cap

How To Wash Starter Loc With Stocking Cap?

Before washing your hair place a mesh cap over your starter locs, the Dreamlover fishnet wig cap is a great item to use as it is made of durable material.

Plus, it has large holes so it can hold your coils in place while you wash and give your scalp a good scrub.

Use a residue-free shampoo like the Dollylocksor Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampooand pour some soap into your hair covered with the mesh cap. Lather it up through your stocking cap.

The shampoos I mentioned above will not lather up as natural product so remember not to over-apply shampoo to your hair.

Wash out all the shampoo from your dreads, and dry your hair thoroughly. This can be with a dryer or air dry. After your hair is dry, remember to add natural oil like avocado and coconut oil to your scalp furthermore, rose water is the best moisturizer for starter locs.

Starter locs are very fragile, and they may unravel, but you can twist back the coils with your fingers. Also, if you can’t maintain coils try another starter method such as braids or two-strand twist, these techniques can withstand washing without unravelling.

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