How To Wear A Hard Hat With Dreadlocks?

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I am so excited to answer this question, one of my readers sent to me: How to wear a hard hat with dreadlocks? Before I started blogging, I worked as a dispatcher where it was mandatory to wear protective gear like a hard hat.

I didn’t experience any problems wearing a hard hat since my dreads were shoulder length. My primary concern was protecting my dreads from dirt and debris while working. Therefore, I covered my hair first with a stocking cap before wearing my hard hat.

Wearing Hard Hat With No Dirt

A hard hat is a helmet used to protect your head from falling objects, debris, rain, and electric shock. Jobs like construction and factory workers have to wear them as it is part of their PPE. If you don’t work alongside dirt or falling debris, you don’t have to cover your dreadlocks with an additional cap or cloth. You can leave your hair out if your dreads are baby locs.

Stocking caps or wraps restrict the movement of your hair, delaying the locking process. As a result, your dreads may take longer to mature. However, people with dreads that are over two years old can cover their hair under the hard hat as long as they remove the stocking or wrap as soon as work is finished to give their dreads some fresh air.

Construction or Factory Workers

Construction worker with dreadlocks

It is crucial to keep your dreads covered under the hard hat with a stocking cap or cloth. This prevents dirt from entering your dreads. I recommend a stocking cap because it allows air to pass through.

Also, don’t forget to air out your dreadlocks as this prevents flat dreads and gives your hair some time to breathe.

List Of The Best Hard Hats For Dreadlocks

Best Hard HatsFeaturesPrice
Acerpal Hard HatCarbon fibre
Comfortable fit
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AmstonAdjustable fit and affordable.See cheap price
Noa Hard HatAllows air flow and adjustable fitSee Price
KleinOder resistant and ventedSee Price
Honeywell Hard HatComfortable and Custom fitSee Price

Wear Dreadlocks In A Ponytail To Accommodate Hard Hat

Tying your dreadlocks in a low ponytail or a bun with allow the hard hat to fit securely on your head. Your safety comes first, so regardless of your hair, you must wear your hat.

This also keeps your hair away from your eyes and forehead.

When Wearing Hard Hat With Dreadlocks Wash Regularly

Construction is demanding work. Therefore, you are sweating under your hat. Sweating is your body’s natural way of cooling down. This isn’t a bad thing but, if you don’t wash your hair at least once a week, you’ll have a build-up of oils and sweat, which eventually causes dandruff.

Adding the extra layer of stocking cap or cloth protection makes your situation even worse. Wash your hair early in the morning on your day off. This ensures your dreads have enough time to dry you can also use a blow dryer for peace of mind.

Do not cover wet dreadlocks!!! This increases your chances of getting dreads rot.

ACV Rinse If Needed

Peppermint for sweaty dreadlocks

While many sites recommend combining apple cider vinegar and baking soda. For me, this mixture is way too hash on my scalp. This will further dry out my hair.

As a result, I only use ACV with a bit of lemon and essential oils of my choice.

Three times a year works wonders for me, but if your scalp is on the oily side, soak your dreads as often as you like. ACV helps with dandruff and neutralize the pH levels of your scalp.

After washing, apply your daily growth oil but add peppermint or tea tree to the mix because they contain anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Remember to mix oils with a carrier like olive or Avocado oil.

Wearing a hard hat is mandatory, especially if you work at a construction or factory site. You should cover your dreads with a stocking cap or cloth to prevent dirt and debris from getting into your dreadlocks. However, if you in an area with minimal dust etc. Leave your dreads out but tie it in a ponytail so your hard hat can fit.

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